The language of luxury

Premium brands come with a premium price tag, and conveying a sense of luxury is critical to their success. Yet all too often, the language employed in their advertisements is one-dimensional and fails to evoke the luxury they’re trying to sell.

Consider this recent example from an advertisement for a luxury fashion house. The phrase “classics like cashmere, silk and cotton” was a lost opportunity to conjure in readers’ minds the divinely tactile nature of the premium fabrics used in the collection – an opportunity to create in them a desire to touch the fabric, to imagine how the pieces could work in their wardrobes.

A simple improvement like “cosy cashmere, sensuous silk and crisp cotton” would have been vastly more evocative, recalling for the reader the indulgent sensation of these fabrics against the skin. Which one would be more likely to entice you to engage with the brand?

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