Creating authentic text

“A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life” – Winston Churchill



To communicate with authenticity you don’t need the most words; you need the best ones – and often, these just happen to also be the most simple and honest ones.

Here are our top tips to help you select the best words for your text:

1. Don’t be scared of simple!

Writers sometimes seem scared of simple, equating it with the feared “simplistic” and running into those well-known traps of verbosity and hyperbole. Embrace simple – your audience will love you for it!

Leave behind misconceptions that more and bigger words mean better text. Take time to seek out the right word. The word that conveys precisely what it is that you want to say, not some approximation of it.  True, this requires more time than throwing some words together haphazardly, but it pays off with gains in communication effectiveness.

2. Check it once, check it twice

If you’re not entirely sure about the meaning, spelling or connotations of a word you’re tempted to use, check (or risk ending up with “slithered almonds” instead of “slivered almonds” in your book of recipes and that is most decidedly not a good look on anyone…).

3. Proof it

Finally, it’s essential to have someone independent cast an eye over your text. Have them confirm that it says what you want it to say – not just what you think it does!

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