Proving proofing’s value

Recently, a client asked us to proof a proposed advertisement. The client had retained a marketing firm to prepare the ad (paying handsomely for the firm’s services), and was about to send it off to be printed.

Fortunately, because we’ve proven the value of our proofing services to this client before they knew to come to us first. This time, for a fractional additional cost (about 5% of what they’d paid the marketing firm) we were able to identify and rectify four errors in an ad of less than 200 words – common errors, as it happens (a malapropism, incorrect verb form for the subject, wrong use of a semicolon and a missing possessive apostrophe).IMG_0221

By ensuring that its text was perfected before printing, the client was spared the dilemma presented when errors are only picked up later on – that is, do you go ahead with an ad containing mistakes – which no one wants to do! – or do you incur the cost of having the ad reprinted once it’s correct? Neither option is great.

So there it is. The proven value of proofing. Perfected text for a fractional additional cost – why wouldn’t you?

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