Dr Catherine Williams

After completing degrees in Law and Arts (Hons), Catherine began her career at some of Melbourne’s most prestigious law firms including Baker & McKenzie, Maurice Blackburn and Holding Redlich. Working predominantly in commercial dispute resolution, she quickly came to understand how critical it is to achieve accuracy and avoid ambiguity in written communications.

While engaged in this work Catherine was also completing a PhD (from which she graduated in 2017).

She has previously written grammar courses for universities, and is an experienced university lecturer and tutor.

She has also, in her role as consultant to one of Australia’s leading public figures, overseen the preparation of reports, presentations, papers and correspondence of the highest level.

Her own work has been published in the The Age, Governance Directions, Lawyers Weekly and SmartCompany.

Catherine has a passion for language and its accurate employment to achieve specific ends, as well as a sharp eye for detail and an ability to anticipate the havoc that a seemingly irrelevant ambiguity or ill-phrased clause may wreak in the future. She uses these skills to ensure that her clients’ communications are always optimally drafted and supremely fit for purpose.